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Hull School of Art & Design is keen to foster a productive relationship with schools and colleges throughout the UK and Internationally.

Our creative industries are a real success story. They are worth more than £36 billion a year; they generate £70,000 every minute for the UK economy; and they employ 1.5 million people in the UK. According to industry figures, the creative industries account for around £1 in every £10 of the UK’s exports. (

Our mission is to encourage schools and colleges to engage in the arts and for their students to recognise the potential of careers in the creative industries.

We can fulfil this ambition by offering schools and colleges the opportunity to visit us at the HSAD campus in Hull City Centre or for our professional creatives and academics to visit your school to deliver an exciting presentation to your students. We are constantly participating and curating exciting live projects that offer opportunities for young students to work alongside undergraduates or professional designers and artists.

Visiting HSAD

We are very happy to dedicate time to show interested parties around our purpose built creative centre of excellence. If you would like to bring a class of students to visit us please get in touch by calling 01482 480970.

We can offer a guided tour, a presentation, short film, refreshments and specialist talks focused on your requirements.

HSAD would like to visit your school or college

We are very happy to arrange a visit to your school. Our staff would normally attend for a 1 hour session with a presentation, a short film followed by a Q&A session. The presentation is “Careers in the Creative Industries”

The UK’s design industry is the largest in Europe and one of the strongest globally. New Government research on the design industry has found that design is highly export-facing. Around 35 per cent of UK exports come from industries that employ higher-than-average concentrations of designers, and the UK exports almost 50 per cent more design than it imports.

In addition, our professional artists and designers can extend the session with a talk about portfolio building and interview techniques. Design is a diverse sector. Our presentation encompasses a wide range of professions and activities, including fashion design, film and television, journalism, sustainable design, retail design, photography, product design, textile design, graphic design, games design, illustration, animation, fine art as well as architecture and urban design disciplines.

To book a presentation session call Lizzie on 01482 480970 or email:

Recent engagement opportunities for schools and colleges include:

Bob & Roberta Smith – part of Hull 2017

Small groups of students from Sixth Form Colleges were offered the opportunity to attend a workshop at Hull School of Art & Design with internationally renowned artist Bob & Roberta Smith. The 2 day workshop was free of charge and has been funded by Hull 2017.

“In drawing, painting and sculpture we want to find out who you are and Bob will help you draw, paint, sculpt and map out your world. We will start with what makes us an individual. We will draw each other and then follow it up with our favourite sayings. We will scout the town for material to work with and create a tour of favourite places. The project will conclude with a parade or march of the self.”

Bob and Roberta Smith

Hull Festival of Architecture – New for 2017

This event is provided free of charge for years 10, 11 & 12.

We would like the opportunity to expose the young people of Hull & Humber and beyond, to architecture. We present Hull Festival of Architecture, a month-long celebration of architecture in the City of Hull during October 2017. The events are aimed at stimulating and challenging young people’s perception of architecture and the built environment.

On 2nd, 3rd and 4th October we will run workshops by esteemed professional architects including Duncan Roberts, Dave Tasker and Geoff Haslem. Young students will have the opportunity to experience architecture first hand, guided by fully qualified architects in live workshops that result in the production of model buildings, structures and visuals. Students will gain hands on knowledge of computer software, advanced workshop equipment such as laser cutters and also fundamental communication skills such as drawing. The product of the workshops would form an exhibition to be displayed in The Brodrick Gallery, our new city centre gallery named after the famous Hull born architect.

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